Facebook™ Post Scheduler and
Planner Tool is coming soon.

Postmany is a simpler and easier way to promote your brand and products on Facebook™  and other social media and manage all your account in one dashboard.

Grow your business with Postmany

Design with Canva
inside Postmany

Our in-site design with Canva is where planning and creativity meet. 

Post Publisher.
Schedule seamlessly.

Postmany allows you to plan content ahead of time: just set it and forget it, Postmany will publish it for you.

Campaign Content Planner. No. More. Spreadsheets.

Now, with Postmany, you can easily plan and manage all your social media content from one platform.

Post Analysis.
Measure and track results.

Postmany’s analytics allows you to measure in real time your posts’ performances once they have been published.

Pre-made post templates. Unlimited Content Library.

Users have access to thousands of ready-made social media graphics for grab and scheduling! Fill your feed with pre-made content designed specifically for your business.

Human Support with Care

Our support team is online Monday through Friday from 8-5 pm via email. Our real people are here to help you set up your account so you can put your social media on auto-pilot and get back to your day.